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Word of Life Quiet Time

Saturday, November 27, 2021  -  Psalms 107: 17-32

The psalmist covers a look at the history of Israel and their disobedience to God.  They were away from God.  There are three pictures given of those experiencing God's chastisement.  That of a wandering person, a prisoner and a person who is ill.  The last word picture is of a person who's business of shipping when his life and business are threatened by a storm and waves.  The shipmen recognize that it is God who has brought the storms .  They learn to cry out to God.  When we are faced with storms of this life either to our own disobedience or due to natural hazards we must turn to God to either repent or repose.  He knows what He is about in our lives!

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Word of Life Quiet TIme

Monday Nov. 14- Sunday November 21, 2021  -  This week we have seen Jesus interacting with the Pharisee's as he goes about teaching and doing miracles.  Clearly, the Pharisee's are threatened and seek a way to destroy Him and his message.  They are not "clueless".  They understand that He is saying He is from God and is the Messiah.  In the passage for today in John 8:12-20 they are in the Temple Treasury.  Jesus says he is the light and life.  They challenge his being a "witness to himself" and he challenges back that God the Father is also a witness.   The witness of two stands.  They begin to challenge His statement by asking "who his father is".  He responds that they are actually the ones who do not know the Father.   At this point they would have seized him but he is protected by God as "his hour is not yet come."  We too will be challenged as to our connection to God himself as our Heavenly Father when we try to share His message with a lost and dying world.  The world, like the Pharisee's, will react to this message with hatred and disdain.  We can know that God the Father protects us and uses us until His plan has been worked out for His glory. 

Sunday, November 14th, 2021

John 6: 52-59   Jesus continues His declaration that those who "eat his flesh and drink His blood" are those who have life.  He is speaking metaphorically that He is the bread of life.  They (the Pharisees) are seeking his life ...yes....but they are thinking and acting in the physical realm while He is speaking to the spiritual realm.  He has come that they might have life!  They see him as a threat to their own life and power.  Many who were following Jesus leave off doing so because this appears gruesome and strange. It is hard to understand.  He tells his disciples plainly in verse 63:  "It is the spirit  that quickneth; the flesh profiteth nothing:  the words that I speak unto you, they are spirit, and they are life."

Sunday - Oct. 24 Living water

Jesus encounters a woman coming to the well to draw water at high noon. She comes to avoid life and finds life itself.  Her discussion with him is one of defensiveness until He gently reveals to her who he is and that he has can fulfill the thirst of her sinful soul and give her life everlasting.  She receives his offer and goes to tell her friends.   

Jesus is the only one who can quench the thirst of our souls today, too.  We must come to him empty of ourselves, our own way of salvation, our own vain attempts at living and drink from his well of righteousness and life that He can offer.  Not only is salvation by grace, but sanctification for every day life is by grace, as well. 

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Sunday, October 10th

Jesus is at a wedding in Cana with his mother.  She asked him to solve the problem of the wine running out at the wedding. He tells her that "his time is not yet come" so in a discreet way he instructs them to fill all the pots with water and then take a cup to the host. The host is surprised at the quality and is suprised that the best wine was held for last.  Jesus reveals his miracle ability to the disciples and those who filled the pots with water.  He honors his mother's request and his the timeline of his Heavenly Father as far as public ministry.