Kiya Piper, Kids Minister


I'm happiest when I'm:

In the mountains! Give me a bible, a backpack filled enough for two days, and my dog and I'm a Happy Camper...(get it!)

My Spotify playlist:

 NEEDTOBREATHE, Bethel, The Belonging CO. Coldplay.

The one book (besides the Bible) I'd recommend to anyone is:

 The Circle Maker by Mark Batterson. 

My favorite restaurant in the Chattanooga area is:

Taconooga! Their mango guacamole is out of this world!

I'm most excited about:

Leading and teaching the next generation to connect with Christ, followers of God who are a wise and passionate people. 

The teams I root for most are:

 The only sport I understand is College Basketball and I root for the Kansas Jayhawks... I would rather watch the Olympic. USA!

My proudest moment is:

 When I went to Thailand and Cambodia, I sat on a dirt floor, walked through dark places, was pushed outside of myself and saw God move in unbelievable ways. 

If I could, I'd:

 Do professional theater! I would write more plays and shows about God and His sense of humor.

My pet peeve is:

 When people are afraid to be real so they just push others away.

My perfect day would be:

Waking up early taking the morning slow with Bible time and coffee, after that gathering people together and adventuring all day in God's great beautiful world. Finishing with lots of food and worship around the fire!

My favorite childhood memory is:

 Playing outside on our farm in Minnesota with my brothers and all the animals.

In my free time, I:

 go outside... what comes after that who knows!

If I could do it over again, I'd:

Be a really good dancer and a Chiropractor.  

My favorite TV show is:


Three people with whom I would want to have a meal:

 Esther, Christine Caine, and Hugh Jackman.

I would spend $1,000: 

My answer is always changing on this question... something extraordinary. 


My Prayer:

As we continue to live in a hurting world, my prayer is that we as believers would allow God be use us not just on Sundays. I pray that we see God as the life changing Savior He is and never stop telling people about Him.